ATTN: This ISN’T Your Average Library


Books…Yeah, We’ve Got Those too!

There is so much happening at the Learning Commons! While we enjoy curating our collections and assisting patrons with resources, we also seek ways to build a culture of creativity, innovation, and curiosity. The Learning Commons supports and encourages a participatory learning community by creating and coordinating hands-on academic activities and various literary activities that involve expression.

For the month of April, there will be a Cardboard Construction Collaboration activity consisting of teams of students from DBGS, DEMS Elementary and Middle Schools. The goal is to design and engineer life-size Ramadan Lanterns which will then be displayed at the Learning Commons during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Our students are truly talented and enthusiastic about the end result!

In light of April being National Poetry Month, there will be a noncompetitive and informal Poetry Slam for DBGS and DHS High School students which will allow students to express themselves poetically. We look forward to hosting the first ever Poetry Slam at the library during high school lunches on the 24th and 25th of April. High School students are encouraged and welcome to come and listen to their fellow peers liberate their minds via spoken word poetry.

Also, there is a Poetry activity in the Library for all students which consists of “magnetic poetic words” and a refrigerator-stop by the Learning Commons and unleash your poetic skills!