Early Elementary and Middle School Librarian’s Bio

Teacher Librarian : Ms. Donna Gravel Crary

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Donna Gravel-Crary is the Librarian for Foundation Stage 2, Year 1, Preschool and Kindergarten.

She was the DEMS Elementary Librarian from 2006 until 2008; soon after her family relocated to Texas.   As fate would have it, her husband was transferred back to Saudi in 2014.  Having missed the LC atmosphere, Donna quickly accepted the library position enabling her to continue sharing her passion for books with the younger students. She loves seeing the sparkle in their eyes as the students are introduced to new books in a fun, informal setting.  From crawling around getting an ant’s perspective (Hey, Little Ant by Phillip Hoose) to having an impromptu parade (Celebrate Mardi Gras with Joaquin, Harlequin by Alma Ada), Donna’s classes are always a celebration of the magical world of reading.


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