Middle and High School/Senior School- Librarian’s Bio

Teacher Librarian : Ms. Kokab Oudeif

My name is Kokab Oudeif and I am very excited about being a part of the ISG Learning Commons team as a teacher-librarian here in the Kingdom.  I look forward to contributing to the common goal of emphasizing collaborative active learning among students and promoting the library as a hub for connecting teachers with pedagogical ideas.  Also, I am eager to share the abundant LRC’s myriad of digital and traditional resources with the ISG Community!

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education that I acquired from Arizona State University and have been teaching for nearly a decade in various international schools in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  I’ve also taught in the States and most recently had a wonderful opportunity to work at one of the largest research university libraries in the United States, the University of Michigan Library.

Lastly, I always knew that I would ultimately want to explore the vast eclectic world in pursuit of continuing to be a teacher and lifelong learner. Besides traveling, I enjoy reading, the arts, learning about various cultures and attempting to be as multilingual as possible!

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