ISG Students Make Connections: World Read-Aloud Day

ISG Students Make Connections: World Read-Aloud Day

Last week during library class, upper elementary students celebrated World Read-Aloud Day. Six different classes held teleconferences with students all over the world via Skype.



Students in Siberia read us one of their favorite Ukrainian folktales, “The Old Man’s Mitten” while we read to them Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw ’s book “Same, Same But Different”.  ISG students played “Mystery Class” with a fourth-grade class in an unknown part of the world. After many failed attempts to guess where our mystery class might be located, we finally guessed by entering the longitude/latitude coordinates via Google Maps.


The class was in Chennai, India! The game was a favorite and students jumped up and down when they finally guessed correctly. What a delight to hear a student in India read a chapter from their favorite book, “Wonder”  and in exchange, hear one of our primary students read to them a section of Michael Morpurgo’s “War Horse”.


Students in Birminghan, UK were surprised to find out that some of our very own DBGS students have hometowns not far from their very own. Even closer, across The Kingdom near Jeddah, the energetic students in library class at The KAUST School informed us that they love reading some of the same books, and some of the same authors, as we do.

One of the most important parts of  World Read-Aloud Day is that it demonstrates, in practical, concrete ways, that out there in the big, vast world of schools and desks and books and learning, there are students everywhere who love to read. This love of reading connects us in tangible ways.  Thanks toLitWorld and World Read-Aloud Day , for setting up this forum for connecting our young readers to the world.

For more photos and details of the event, check out our LRC Library in Saudi Arabia: World Read-Aloud Day #WRAD16 padlet.

Happy Reading, everyone,  from the LRC library!

~ Katrina Lehman, Library Media Specialist~