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The LC library team focuses on building information literacy skills and fostering a lifelong love of reading with our lower elementary/primary students.  We help students build the basic research skills they need to navigate a rich information world in the library and beyond.

What we do:

The LC library team focuses on fostering a lifelong love of reading and building information literacy skills with our upper elementary/primary students.  During our weekly library classes, we readcollaborate, communicate and create together to share our ideas and thoughts about what we read. We work to build research skills needed to think critically and to navigate the rich world of information in the library and beyond.Sometimes we write to our favorite authors, have Facebook cover contests, stay overnight in the library, or talk to other children all over the world.


 Academic Honesty

       Creative Commons search

       Photos For Class

 Book Reviews

       Scholastic – Kids Review Books

 Digital Libraries

       International Children’s Digital Library

       Mighty Books


       Unite for literacy – ebooks

       World Digital Library

 First Stop

       Awesome Library

       Fact Monster

       Frontiers for Young Minds




 More Fun Stuff

       DK Find Out – Free!

       Go Noodle

 Online References

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

 Online Dictionary-


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