LRC Annual Book Fair

LRC Annual Book Fair

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It’s that time of year again!

What: Annual Book Fair

Where: Auditorium Community Room

When: January 24th- 28th, 2016

Around 1,400 books from Book Case will be on display from both American and British publishers. Giving students a chance to purchase high-quality books will increase their personal libraries while helping the LRC build its own collection. Last year the awards program from the Book Fair allowed for hundreds of high-quality, hardback books to be added to the LRC.

Library Classes for the week will be cancelled and in most cases classroom visits to the fair will replace their library time slot.  As was the case in the past, we are requesting that the classroom teacher and their assistants attend the fair with their class. This assures another adult presence to help students select and record their book requests. We will have at least three to four LRC staff in attendance as well.

The fair will be kept open especially for parents on Tuesday, January 26th from 2:30-4:00 pm.

Ordering Procedure:

  1. Students select books while at the Book Fair & write their choices on their form.
  2. Students take these forms home for parents to make final selection.
  3. Parents send sealed envelope back to school with name of child, class, teacher, and SAR amount written on the JN0-343 outside. Exact money needs to be enclosed, as we will not be opening the envelopes.
  4. We must receive the envelopes by Tuesday, February 2nd.
  5. We will carry the orders over to Bahrain.
  6. Books will be delivered within two weeks after the order is received.

Thanks for helping to get good books into the hands of our students!

Images from this year’s Book Fair: