LRC Campus Read-a-thon: Ready… Set…

Monday, April 23rd to Thursday, May 4th is Read-a-thon time!  This year the LRC is organizing a campus-wide fundraiser for the  Collateral Repair Project which supports our refugee neighbors in Jordan.  The Read-a-thon is one way to motivate our readers to reach for a book when they have extra free time.  This is a purely voluntary opportunity.




How parents can help:

  1.    Encourage your child to read longer than he/she usually does
  2.    Help your child find sponsors
  3.    Explain how his/her efforts can impact those less fortunate
  4.    Assist them with timing and recording minutes spent reading
  5.    Verify his/her minutes for accurate self reporting  (very important for awarding prizes)
  6.    Assist him/her in collecting donations from sponsors
  7.    Celebrate his/her effort and generosity

The LRC Library is offering these rewards as extra incentive:

Lower Elementary Read-a-thon Prize (PreK, KG, FS2 & Y1): The student who reads the most minutes from each class will get to visit Joffrey’s with Mrs. Donna for a special treat of his/her choosing.

Middle Elementary Read-a-thon Prize (Grades 1-3 & Years 2-4) Students who raise the most money and read the most minutes from each class will have a picnic with Mr. Vargie on campus.

Upper Elementary Read-a-thon Prize: (G. 4-5 and Year 5-6) The class who reads the most and raises the most money will be invited to “A Night in the Library”:  an overnight event hosted on the night of Thursday, May 25th.

Read-a-thon Promotion

Updated information can be found here at the LRC Library Website. Keep tabs on our process by following the LRC Library at Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.  Also, be sure to check out the Collateral Repair Project to see the amazing things the organization is doing to help our refugee neighbors in Jordan.

Did you know?

Did you know that our Destiny Catalog, available 24/7, lists all the books that we have in our collection? Did you know that every student and teacher on campus has access to hundreds of free e-books? If you need help in accessing your account, we are here to help you out.

Questions? Please drop by the library or send us an email. We’re here!

Happy Reading from the LRC librarians!