New Games!  Wait....Why?

New Games! Wait….Why?

You asked for it!  The LRC is pleased to announce the arrival of new games.  Based on student suggestions we added chess, checkers, Scrabble, Guess Who? and more.  We are also thrilled to offer games in Arabic like Saudi Deal and Scrabble.  Look out for more new games over the next couple of weeks.  And we welcome any and all games and puzzles you would like to donate from home!

At this point you might be asking, why are there games at the LRC?  Isn’t a library for books?  Yes, high-quality physical resources are very important to us.  Last year we purchased over 1700 new books and expanded our electronic resources to better support our community of learners.  But a library is much more than a warehouse of objects.  A library is a space for exploring, collaborating and creating.  Our physical resources are just the beginning of a student-driven process of inquiry that transforms information into knowledge.  

Ok, maybe you’re still wondering about the games.  In the beginning, games were an experiment for a much needed mental break from the demands (and heat) of the school day. Our experiment paid off as students enthusiastically tackled puzzles together, rushed to grab Connect Four, or took a mindful-moment to color.  

As we observed our gamers, we noticed something much bigger than a few minutes of fun.  Our students were collaborating across schools, teaching each other new things, sharing stories of personal connections with games and working through the frustration of missing that one last puzzle piece.  In short, they were building their own supportive learning community to explore, fail, and grow together.    

So that’s why games.  We think play is a powerful way to cultivate ISG’s goal of student-centered learning.  Playing together builds the connections and trust we need to take risks and grow.  Once you build that sense of community, you can take it anywhere.  The LRC has some thoughts about how to build upon our gaming community, but we would love to hear your ideas.  We are also excited to see where the students themselves will choose to go.

Still don’t believe us about games?  Come and play!