Pre School and KG / FS2 and Year 1

In our early library classes, we nurture the joy of reading and literary appreciation, teach library and information skills, and partner with classroom teachers to augment classroom curriculum to advance literacy. Our library program promotes reading as a foundational skill for learning, personal growth and enjoyment, and lifelong learning.


Library and Information Skills: Students learn how a library is organized and how to access and use resources for different information needs.


Lifelong Learning: Students are introduced to the library’s purpose and procedures as a basis for meeting reading and information needs throughout their education and their lives.


Literary Appreciation: Students learn a basic literary vocabulary and develop listening skills and independence in exploring books of their choice. Students use the library to broaden their experience and enjoyment of literature, from books read aloud to books they choose for themselves.


From Standards For the 21st Century Learner, American Association of School Librarians, 2007. More information here.


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