Seeing the LRC in New Ways: Dhahran Ahliyya Visit

Seeing the LRC in New Ways: Dhahran Ahliyya Visit

Recently library staff from Dhahran Ahliyya Schools paid a visit to the LRC.  We enjoyed sharing ideas and inspiration for developing library spaces and resources.  We are honored to have hosted Ahliyya several times over the years and look forward to continuing our exchanges in the future.

Seeing the LRC through the eyes of another is a great opportunity to think about what we do in new ways.  Our visitors were kind enough to share these words and pictures from their experience:

“We love the way you have organized your impressive book collections.”

“Your new ‘Tech Hub’ is very impressive and we hope to do something similar in our libraries so that our students can have access to Macbooks, iPads and ChromeBooks etc.”

“The large interactive smart screen at the entrance to your library is very impressive especially for visitors such as ourselves.”

“We definitely want to find space in our libraries to include comfortable and cozy seating areas like you have in your library.”

“We were all impressed with the conference room and its Harkness Table.”