Welcome and Farewell

Welcome and Farewell

The Learning Commons welcomes two new Teacher Librarians to the Learning Commons team, Ms. Kathryn Gill and Ms. Kokab Oudeif.  Ms. Gill will be working with Grades K-6, taking over for Ms. Donna Gravel-Crary, and Ms. Oudeif will be serving Grades 6-12, working alongside Ms. Lehman.  Below, we’ve included brief introductions to both so you can learn a little more about their background and experiences.  They both look forward to working with students and teachers across campus.

We’d like to also take this opportunity to bid a fond farewell to Ms. Donna, who has made such a positive contribution to our community during her years at ISG.  Thank you Donna for all you have done for our students and teachers.  We will miss your creativity, your enthusiasm, your wonderful design themes, and so much more.  Donna is always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues and she is dearly loved by our students.  We will miss you greatly!

We’re excited to begin 2018 with Ms. Oudeif and Ms. Gill on our team. Please stop by the Learning Commons to meet them.  — Tara Waudby

Kathryn Gill

I have lived here in Saudi for over two years with my husband, 2 dogs and a cat. I enjoy running and am currently training for a half marathon.  I love to read and am very excited to be starting this new position as Early Elementary Librarian.  

Prior to moving to Saudi Arabia, I taught 2nd grade in Louisiana.  I am a major proponent of reinforcing early elementary education with a background in interactive technology, and have led teams in technology integration.  I also enjoy designing creative lessons to inspire students.  


Kokab Oudeif 

My name is Kokab Oudeif and I am very excited about being a part of the ISG Learning Commons team as a teacher-librarian here in the Kingdom.  I look forward to contributing to the common goal of emphasizing collaborative active learning among students and promoting the library as a hub for connecting teachers with pedagogical ideas.  Also, I am eager to share the abundant LRC’s myriad of digital and traditional resources with the ISG Community!

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education that I acquired from Arizona State University and have been teaching for nearly a decade in various international schools in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  I’ve also taught in the States and most recently had a wonderful opportunity to work at one of the largest research university libraries in the United States, the University of Michigan Library.

Lastly, I always knew that I would ultimately want to explore the vast eclectic world in pursuit of continuing to be a teacher and lifelong learner. Besides traveling, I enjoy reading, the arts, learning about various cultures and attempting to be as multilingual as possible!